Sustainable Tourism.

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The small positive steps we all take locally will impact globally

Bosayne is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and only 300 metres from Tintagel Cliffs -a designated site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI). We love this area, and are committed to reducing the impact our business has on the local environment.

We aim is to balance the needs of our own business and those of our guests
Within a desire to protect the natural surroundings


  • We fully comply with all legislative and regulatory obligations and duties of care covering our operations present and future.

Energy Generation/Renewable Energy

  • Electricity supply is purchased through a 100{a134d7949a6be2f4b579dca4b73ff394db522a266d0a7a65b85026fd06b694ac} Green Business Tariff as part of our carbon reducing strategy
  • 3.8kWp Solar PV panel system installed currently generating sufficient energy to off-set 25{a134d7949a6be2f4b579dca4b73ff394db522a266d0a7a65b85026fd06b694ac} of domestic lighting and power electricity use

Energy Saving

  • All energy use is monitored, recorded and analysed to determine trends and implement greater efficiencies
  • Replacement of all double glazed windows (total 42 units) in property with U-pvc high efficiency A-rated glass to reduce heat loss and eliminate draughts
  • Ensuring maximum use of energy efficient lighting and with effective controls installed to minimise waste – time switches installed in public area lighting
  • On-going policy of replacing current low energy lamps with LED lamps throughout property
  • Main household appliances are A or A+ rated for energy saving as an ongoing project
  • Central heating & hot water demand is time controlled and managed according to weather and occupancy levels.
  • Installation of Chop-Clock to further control boiler demand on heating system
  • All radiators are thermostatically controlled with settings checked regularly throughout heating periods
  • Installation of reflective shields behind radiators to reduce heat loss and consequential energy waste

Water Conservation and Pollution Control

  • Water use in monitored, recorded and analysed monthly to determine trends and implement greater efficiencies
  • Implementing resource conscious policy in guest rooms – Towel and linen exchange
  • Oil boiler with oil tank removed and replaced by Electric boilers to reduce carbon footprint
  • All toilet cisterns have a water-saving device installed using “hippo” principle devices or dual flush systems
  • Use of phosphate free cleaning products only
  • Collecting rain water in 3 water butts for watering all outside plants
  • Using grey water in 2-water butts through simple filter system during extended dry spells for plants only

Waste management and Recycling

  • Minimising landfill waste by re-using and recycling whatever is possible
  • Composting organic kitchen waste matter using a combination of standard composting bins and a revolutionary rotary composter
  • Current recycling performance @ 68{a134d7949a6be2f4b579dca4b73ff394db522a266d0a7a65b85026fd06b694ac} of all waste produced (2017) – TARGET recycling performance = 70{a134d7949a6be2f4b579dca4b73ff394db522a266d0a7a65b85026fd06b694ac}


  • Tintagel is located in the heart of a network of footpaths – guests are encouraged to explore the local area on foot and by using public transport (Bus timetables, maps for local footpaths and cycling routes are provided)

Local Purchasing

  • Buying recycled paper products, from stationery to toilet paper
  • Purchasing ethical and Fairtrade products as much as possible including teas, coffee, fruit and fruit juices
  • Purchasing organic products including breakfast cereals, flour, baked beans, fruit and fruit juices
  • Buying locally sourced produce wherever possible
  • Local tradespeople and companies are used for maintenance and project work whenever possible

Flora and Fauna

  • Chemical based products, including fertilizers, are not used and anything grown for consumption or decoration is grown organically. We have a number of wildlife initiatives around the property where we encourage wild species.


  • Participation in TripAdvisor Greenleaders accreditation scheme – Platinum level